Window Tinting Experts

Anywhere you have glass, car tinting can be of huge benefit to you. There are so many great reasons to invest in this service. This film can give your property or vehicles a Chic combined with a huge list of functions. If you are looking for a way to upgrade your vehicle or boat, or add value to your property, then auto tinting is the right investment for you. Our experienced technicians work to serve all of Long Island with a high quality product at a reasonable cost.
What Window Tint Artistry can We do for You?

Not only will you be amazed by our work, but you will be impressed by the level of professionalism. They spend hours upon hours of training on the applying many types of window tint for cars, home windows, office windows and more. When you get your window tinting done by us you can be assured not only will it done right but you will have window tinting done at the right price.

Car Window Tinting that Turns Heads-

REFUSE Boring Window Tint. we install auto window tinting on all makes and models. We all do headlight tinting and tail light tinting. We stay compliant with regulations for Long Island residents. It does not make a difference what kind of car, bus or truck you may have.