Residential Window Tinting: Why To Tint Your Home

Making sure you are working with the right company is just one of the factors to consider when you are having residential window tinting carried out. However, it can be a challenge finding just the right company to do the job for you, as so many companies are now offering this service.

The last thing you need is a finish that doesn’t look professional and actually detracts from the overall look of your home. Choosing an unreliable company for your home tinting can actually cost you more money than it should in the long term, just as it would with any major project or renovations in the home. When looking for a company to tint your home’s windows for you, look for the following:


Hiring a shady company with employees who are not really trained to do the job, and just happen to know the company owner is not the way to go. A professional company will adhere to strict guidelines, ensure the quality of the finished product and employ technicians that have the experience and skills needed to do the job properly.

You don’t want to entrust your home to someone who doesn’t seem qualified to properly do the job, despite the fact that it may seem tempting to save money by using that company. You may end up trying to get your money back from an unreliable company if your residential window tinting isn’t carried out as it should, and that can turn into a legal headache.

Experience and Reliability

You don’t want someone who isn’t reliable and experienced to carry out your window tinting project for you, especially as a good tinting job is a sound investment. Tinting your windows can protect valuables, help to reduce the potentially harmful effects of the sun and lower the costs of your heating and cooling bills.

Determining a company’s skills and experience can often be accomplished by carrying out a simple background check on their website. You can also decide whether that tinting company is one you want to work with by reading comments and reviews posted online by other customers. And if that company has any complaints lodged against them, your local Better Business Bureau should be able to advise.

There are many different options available for different needs, when it comes to finding residential window tinting, making it important to find out just what a company is offering. Some companies don’t use good quality film, and along with a shoddy job of installing the tint, the end result doesn’t look like something you want. Always make sure good quality film is being used.

If any problems arise with your finished tint, it helps if you have a warranty, making it essential to only work with a tinting company that offers a warranty for their work. You may want to go with another company rather than work with one that doesn’t offer a warranty.

If you live in a community that is subject to HOA (homeowners’ association) guidelines and rules, it’s important to check with them before having your windows tinted. Your tint may have to be a certain shade or may only be allowed on some of the windows. Learning the law that applies to you is important before tinting your home, and also before thinking of having your car windows tinted.